Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Procedure


Fire Safety

Parent/Guardian Policy Statement.

On hearing the fire alarm:

     > Parents/ Guardians are asked to evacuate through the nearest fire exit.

     > Parents/ Guardians are asked to leave the PWC Staff to evacuate children safely.

     > PWC Staff keep a register of the children in their care so that they are able to complete a head count before evacuating the building safely.

     > Once the building has been evacuated

     > PWC Staff will complete a head count and name rollcall.

     > PWC Staff will not release children to their parent/guardian whilst the fire alarm is sounding.

     > Children will only be released back to their parent/guardian who dropped them off once they are safely in the building.

     > If the building is deemed unsafe to re-enter PWC Childcare will set up a safety check point where the PWC Staff will release children one at a time to the parent/guardian who dropped them off and either check the password of remove the security band depending on the method used for the particular PWC Setting.


Evacuating the Building

 The building will need to be evacuated if the fire alarm sounds; the setting is notified of a bomb alert or the building is deemed unsafe due to a situation inside the facility.

In all circumstances, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Stop all activities, line up at the door, head count against register, including the PWC Staff
  2. Check all areas, including toilets and behind equipment
  3. Pick up signing in and out sheet and children’s registration forms
  4. Exit by nearest exit to safe assembly point – one member of the PWC Staff leading the group and one following up at the back
  5. Last person to close door behind them
  6. At the assembly point complete a head count & name role call
  7. Keep children close together
  8. Notify person in charge of the facility that PWC have fully evacuated
  9. Await instructions from the fire brigade
  10. Deemed safe to re-enter – Take the children back to the room and complete additional head count and name role call
  11. Reassure the children and allow the parent/guardian to come and check their child’s safety


If you discover a Fire:

  1. Raise the alarm by breaking the glass on the nearest fire panel.
  2. Follow points 1 – 7 above.
  3. Either notify person in charge of the facility that PWC have fully evacuated. If sole use of the premises call 999 when in place of safety.
  4. Await instructions from the fire brigade & if sole use send someone to entrance to meet the fire brigade.
  5. Deemed safe to re-enter – follow step 10 & 11 above.
  6. Deemed unsafe to re-enter - Contact the parent/guardian to collect – signing children out in the usual way and informing the parent/guardian of any details known reference collecting children’s belongings. Try to keep the children warm & reassured and be vigilant of others in the surrounding area.


Fire Equipment

 All equipment needs to be frequently checked in line with manufactures guidelines.  In the majority of PWC Settings, it is the responsibility of the facility to check all equipment. 

In stand-alone premises, the responsibility falls with PWC Ltd and PWC Owner must make checks.


Fire Doors & Exits

 Please read ‘Security’ in the ‘Premises and Security’ section of the Company Operations Manual on keeping fire doors and exits maintained and clear from obstruction at all times.

Fire Practice

 Where the PWC setting is operating for more than 5 days, the PWC Staff must carry out a fire practice at least once per month or once per holiday period. This ensures that all the PWC Staff understand the correct procedures, fire routes and meeting points and children have the opportunity to practice the procedure.


The PWC Manager should decide on a suitable time for the check to be carried out and vary this each time. The check should be made during a busy period and not when the PWC Team are prepared for it. The PWC Manager must inform the team to go into the evacuation procedure immediately and the procedure above for evacuating the building must be followed.


The aim of the practice is to ensure that children are evacuated quickly and safely and that in practice the procedure works. If changes need to be made, then this should be done immediately in line with PWC Owner and all the PWC Staff trained in the new procedure. 

Each PWC practice and facility evacuations should be recorded and kept on file.


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