Working with parents



At Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Ltd. we recognise the importance of working in close partnership with parents and carers.  It paves the way for our children to leave our settings as confident and highly prepared individuals, ready for the next academic stage in their life. Examples of opportunities for the parents’ involvement are:

      > A Parent’s Meeting twice a year to discuss their child's development.

      > Social events for children and parents to attend.

      > Newsletters.

      > Two-way communication book.

      > Childs Learning Journey book.

      > A Graduation Day.

A keyperson is allocated to every child so that they may interact with parents to keep them well-informed of their child’s progress throughout their pre-schooling years. We also maintain an open-door policy where parents can discuss their child’s progress or concerns with the staff when they drop them off or collect them.

If you feel unsure or not happy with an issue within the Setting, please speak to a member of the management team and we will address it.

Dummy Policy

At Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Ltd. we recognise that when your children join us, they may use a dummy as a soother or comforter. We aim to improve the communication of children by minimising the use of dummies where possible.

EYFS key themes and commitments


     > Try to reduce the amount of time a child has their dummy.

     > Encourage use of an alternative comforter, if deemed necessary, i.e. teddy.

     > Encourage communication so they become less dependent on their dummy.

     > Encourage children to put their dummy in their personal bag or box themselves.

     > Provide up-to-date information for parents/carers concerning the prolonged use of dummies and the effects on the child's health and communication.

     > Respect the views and wishes of the parents/carers.


Early Years Foundation Stage Framework