Snacks and meals


At PWC Ltd all our Day-care, Breakfast & Afterschool Club Settings provide snacks and meals for the children within our care. We make snack & mealtimes a social event where children and Staff eat together. Our menus are planned to ensure that your child is given a healthy and nutritious snack. If your child has any special dietary requirements please do not hesitate to tell us, we will make sure that these are met. (Please refer to the relevant section in our Registration Pack).

Please support us with our Healthy Eating Policy and do not include chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks, fruit strings or nuts in your child’s lunchbox - this includes PEANUT BUTTER OR NUTELLA.

Help your child by providing ready prepared fruit as an alternative. A fridge is available for parents/carers to store perishable foods if they wish, on request. All food requiring refrigeration must be named and dated clearly.

All children’s containers/packaging and left-over food will be returned into their lunch box and sent home with the child to enable the parent/carer to monitor their child’s diet. Milk will be served at snack time, unless the parent has requested water. Drinking water will be easily accessible to all the children throughout the session.

Our Day-care Settings at Hornchurch and Collier Row have received the Mayor of London's Healthy Early Years London Silver & Bronze awards for our work to improve the health, wellbeing and development of children, parents, carers and staff. 



Enjoy what you eat with a healthy option.