Food and drink


Policy statement.

PWC Ltd Settings recognise that a child may have individual, dietary requirements, therefore PWC Ltd Settings obtain, record and act on information from Parents/ guardian about a child’s dietary needs.


PWC Ltd Settings provide snacks. Where children are provided with snacks and drinks these are healthy, balanced and nutritious.



Fresh drinking water must be available at all times so children can have a drink when required.



Parents/guardians may bring a drink in a labelled drinks container with their pack lunch.


Packed Lunches

If the nature of the Setting requires Parents/guardians to bring a packed lunch, then this must be in a cool bag as refrigeration facilities are not always provided.



If a Setting provides food & drink for the children, then the PWC Team will comply with all rules and regulations relating to health & hygiene and will have successfully completed a course and obtained a ‘Food Handling Certificate’.


Snack Options

Fresh fruit and vegetables are offered daily. PWC Ltd Settings will only purchase quality products from reputable suppliers. On occasions a plain biscuit could be offered.

Parents/guardians will be advised whenever the PWC Setting holds a special event.


Special diets

Special food requirements are fully catered for: i.e. those children with food intolerance, a food allergy or who have a definite prescribed diet.  Nuts and nut-based products MUST BE avoided at all times (See the Allergy Policy - Section 14).



Children will be given plenty of time to eat, however, Parents/ guardian will be advised if their child is not eating well. Lunchboxes must be clearly labelled with the child’s name. PWC Staff should ensure that the children wash their hands prior to eating. Tables used at lunchtime must be cleaned with an antibacterial spray before the food is given to the child.

Mealtimes should be fun and pleasurable and provide opportunities for the children to develop social skills.  The PWC Team should sit with the children who are eating. Children will only be made to sit for relatively short periods at a time. It is not always necessary to make children wait for very slow eaters, so long as there is an organised, quiet activity away from the snack /meal table. The PWC Team will not withhold food in response to behaviour management or behaviour modification issues.


PWC Ltd will notify Ofsted of any food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after on the premises.


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