Health and safety general standards


Policy statement.

Our Statement of general policy is:

    * To provide adequate control of the health & safety risks arising from our work activities

    * To consult with our employees on matters affecting health & safety

    * To provide and maintain safe plant and equipment

    * To ensure safe handling and use of substances

    * To provide information, instruction and supervision for employees

    * To ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks and give them adequate training

    * To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health

    * To maintain safe and healthy working conditions and

    * Review and revise policy as necessary at regular intervals


    * Overall final responsibility for Health & Safety is that of: Director PWC Ltd.

    * Day to day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to: PWC Manager


All employees have to:

Cooperate with the supervisors and managers on health & safety matters.

Not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health & safety.

Take reasonable care of their own health & safety.

Report all health & safety concerns to an appropriate person.

    * Risk Assessments will be undertaken by: PWC Manager.

    * The findings of the risk assessment will be reported to: PWC Manager.

    * Action required to remove/ control risks will be approved by: PWC Manager.

    * Will be responsible for ensuring the action required is implemented: PWC Manager.

    * Assessments will be reviewed every 6 Months or when work activity changes, whichever is the soonest.


Safe Plant and Equipment

    * Will be responsible for identifying all equipment needing maintenance: PWC Staff.

    * Will be responsible for ensuring that all identified maintenance is implemented: PWC Manager.

    * Any problems found with equipment should be reported to: a) PWC Director b) PWC Manager.

    * Will check that new equipment meets health & safety standards before it is used: PWC Manager.


Safe handling of substances

    * Will be responsible for identifying all substances that need COSHH assessment: PWC Manager.

    * Will be responsible for ensuring that all relevant employees are informed about COSHH assessments: PWC Manager.

    * Will check that new substances can be used safely before they are purchased: PWC Manager.

    * Assessments will be reviewed every 6 months or when activities change, whichever is the soonest.


Information and Training

    * The Health & Safety law poster is displayed at the Site

    * Health & Safety advice is available from the HSE Tel: 0300 790 6787

    * Supervision of young workers/ trainees will be arranged/ undertaken/ monitored by: PWC Manager

    * Is responsible for ensuring that our employees working at locations under the control of other employers are given relevant Health & Safety information: PWC Director

    * Induction training will be provided for all employees by: PWC Manager

    * Job specific training will be provided by: PWC Manager

    * Training records are kept at Head Office

    * Training will be identified, arranged and monitored by: PWC Manager or PWC Director


First Aid and work-related ill health

    * Health surveillance will be arranged by: PWC Manager.

    * Health surveillance records will be kept at: Head Office.

    * The first aid box is kept at our Settings.

    * The appointed person/ first aider will be the person in charge on the day.

    * All accidents and cases of work-related ill health are to be recorded.

    * The file is kept at the setting and a copy sent to Head Office.

    * Is responsible for reporting accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences to the enforcing authorities:

       PWC Manager / PWC Director.



To check our working conditions and ensure all our safe working practices are being followed we will carry out spot checks and fully investigate accidents or sickness and ensure we understand the reasons behind and actively take steps to prevent it from happening.

PWC Director in conjunction with PWC Manager

    * Is responsible for investigating accidents

    * Is responsible for investigating work related causes of sickness absences

    * Is responsible for acting on investigation findings to prevent reoccurrence

Insurance cover

We have public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance. The certificate for public liability insurance is displayed.


Ref: 40b