Making a Complaint


Policy statement.

Definition of a Complaint

     An expression of dissatisfaction with with the service provided by PWC Ltd and/or its Staff, which a person is prepared to address formally, in writing, in person or by telephone.

Providing Feedback to PWC Ltd

     PWC Ltd welcomes comments, both positive and negative from Parents/guardians since they provide valuable information which helps us to find ways of continually improving our service. Customers who have queries or concerns, or cause for complaint of any nature, are encouraged to speak to the Setting Manager in the first instance, and if the matter is not resolved to contact the PWC Manager (details below). Many concerns, both administrative or in terms of quality of service can be dealt with or explained immediately.

    However, if a complaint is made it is the PWC Team members procedure to record the complaint and notify the complainant of any outcomes, if possible, within 48 hours and at the latest within 28 days of having received the complaint. 

    If the matter cannot be resolved by the Manager, or if customers prefer, complaints can be made directly to Ofsted.

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Complaints Procedure: 

      In all circumstances the following proceedure must be followed:

          > The Manager is responsible for informing all Parents/guardians  of their rights, with regards to the complaints procedure, including their right to contact Ofsted.

          > Put the child first, remembering your responsibility to confidentiality and safeguarding children.

          > Obtain, verify and record the facts on the Complaints Form, ensuring that you feedback your findings to Parents/guardians as soon as possible and address any actions that are required.

          > Record and date all interviews with Staff and Parents, please use interview sheet.     

          > Report to and take advice from the Manager where necessary (the Manager will periodically audit the complaints records).

          > Set prompt but realistic timescales for responding to complaints, ensuring that you respond to the complainant within 28 days. 

          > React positively to complaints or negative feedback of the company.

          > Ensure that the company comment/feedback cards are available within the Setting Reception area.

          > Nuture and protect the reputation of the comapny.

          > Complaint records need to be kept for a minimum of 3 years.                                                                

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