Parental involvement


Policy statement.


Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Ltd welcomes all Parents to be involved within the settings activities and is open to any new suggestions.

All Parents receive termly newsletters and a list of ‘Show and Tell’ activities for the term informing the Parent of how their child's can take part.

We have Notice Boards both outside and inside our Setting, which display upcoming events, Parental information or any other issues that may arise. We also keep Parents abreast of these changes through letters, questionnaires or verbally.

Feedback Sheets and questionnaires are issued to Parents on a regular basis, which helps the Setting continue to improve and maintain a good standard of childcare. This also helps provide a good Parent partner relationship.

Parents are provided all the information about our Setting from Ofsted and a copy of the report is at hand if required.

Parents also are given the opportunity to talk to Staff in a private to discuss any concerns or issues they may have at our Parent meetings. 

Parents will have the opportunity to speak to their child's keyperson on a regular basis. The Setting also opens 2/3 times a year for Parent consultations.

As Parents, the Setting also asks you to nominate a Staff member for the Term.


Ref: 6i