Supervision of children on Outings and Visits


Policy statement.


At times the PWC Team take the children out of the PWC Setting either on a local walk or on a pre-arranged trip.

In all cases the PWC Team will adhere to the terms set out in this Policy and stringently follow safety regulations as set down and in accordance with Ofsted guidelines.

Children must be kept safe whilst on outings.

Parents/ Guardians will be provided with a consent form to complete when the PWC Team go out on a trip. Children will not be allowed to leave the premises unless written consent has been received from the Parent/guardian.

Parents/ Guardians will be notified in advance of forthcoming trips and outings. 

Written permission is always obtained from the Parent/guardian, which is included on the Registration Forms.

    > A First aid box, Register and Accident Book are always carried with us, in case of emergencies.

    > Buggies and reigns are used when necessary.

    > Children are encouraged to hold a Staff member's hand where appropriate.

    > Staff members continuously carry out head counts to ensure all children are present.

    > Risk assessments have been carried out for all outings.


 Certain outings will be included in the daily rate per child.  Additional outings may also be included at an extra cost to the Parent however Parents/ guardians will be advised of any additional costs prior to booking.

For all trips:

 The PWC Team to child ratios, must be maintained during all trips. However, the Setting Manager may need to amend or adapt ratios for particular trips or outings or when the age groups are in separate locations, in accordance with Ofsted guidelines.

All trips will have a full risk assessment undertaken before the children visit. All trips must be age appropriate and travelling time taken into consideration especially for the younger age group. Each member of Staff will be allocated specific children to supervise whilst on the trip.

    > There must always be at least one member of the PWC Team who has an accredited First aid qualification.

    > The PWC Team member in charge of the trip must take a list of all the children and their allocated Staff member, in addition a copy of this list and any mobile telephone number should be kept at the PWC Setting.

    > All the PWC Team should be aware of total numbers of children on the trip and take continual head counts. 

    > Children should wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen should applied before leaving the PWC Setting in the summer.

    > All children are required to go to the toilet or have had their nappy changed before leaving the PWC Setting.

    > Registers of all the children will be held by the person in charge and the PWC Team will have their own group listing.  Registers will be             taken prior to leaving the PWC Setting, at snack times, lunch time and before leaving the outing venue, and again after arriving at the             PWC Setting.

    > A travel first aid kit must be taken on all outings. This must be checked and signed as complete prior to each trip.

    > There must be at least two mobile phones on the trip.  If there is a likely delay in returning to the PWC Setting, the PWC Team must call          the PWC Setting so Parents/ guardians can be advised.  

    > In the event of an emergency the person in charge must call PWC Ltd Operation Manager or Head Office.

Local outings by foot:

On local outings (e.g. local library, parks, shops etc.) Staff ratios are as follows:

    > Staff - Child ratio maintained.

    > The PWC Setting venue must be informed that children and Staff are offsite.

    > When going out on local outings there must always be a minimum of 2 Staff in the event of an emergency arising the group must remain together and call for assistance.  

    > The Green Cross Code, must be adhered to at all times.

    > The Setting Manager must complete a risk assessment report for local outings. This will detail dangerous roads, the route to the venue, and potential supervision difficulties at the venue.

    > Once the report has been written a meeting should be arranged with staff to discuss the risk assessment.

    > An action plan will be compiled to address each area of risk for that particular outing.

    > The risk assessment and action plan must be signed by all Staff and kept in the outings file.

    > For each outing there must be a Staff member who is nominated as the person in charge.

    > Children are to be counted when returning from a walk and once again at the PWC Setting.

    > A member of Staff must be at the beginning or end of the line of children, opposite to another member of staff.

    > At NO TIME should an inexperienced member of Staff be deemed responsible for an outing or a member of Staff unfamiliar with PWC policies and procedures.

    > On returning to the building, one Staff member must remain outside until all children are in the building.

Day trips requiring transport:

For day trips requiring transport (e.g. farm visits, theatre visits, trips requiring transport etc.) the following process must be adhered to:

    > A letter detailing the itinerary and cost of the trip should be given to Parents at least one week before the trip.

    > Parents must return a signed consent form for that outing.

    > No child will be permitted to attend a trip without the signed consent form.

    > Each child should have a light waterproof jacket for summer outings.

    > Children must have sun hats and neck protection during hot weather.

The following items will be taken on every trip:

    > First Aid kit.

    > Cleansing wipes.

    > Individual medication i.e. inhaler.

    > Mobile phone.

    > Plastic carrier bags for rubbish.

    > A bottle of drink for the children and plastic beakers.

    > A rug to sit on.

    > Enough money – in case of an emergency (minimum £20 petty cash).

    > Sunscreen and sun hats in summer.


A detailed check list of the transport i.e. coach, must be carried out before the children use it.


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