Toilet Policy


Policy statement.

Toilet Facilities & Toileting

    In registered Settings at least one toilet and one hand basin to every 10 children, over the age of two years, must be provided. Suitable soap and drying facilities must be available at a height suitable for children. Where this is not possible, and for one off events, then PWC Ltd must provide suitable aids, such as children's foot stalls.

Parent Policy

    Parent/guardians ar easked to provide a changing bag which provides nappy supplies to last the whole session that the child is attending. PWC Staff will only use what is in the child's bag and do not hold additional stock of nappies and wet wipes. All children will be changed in a nappy changing area and hygiene standards are follwed at all times.

    We ask that all children enter care in a clean and dry nappy, and we will not accept children who have soiled their nappy prior to be dropped off.

    If a child is being potty trained, we ask that the Parent/guardian packs spare clothes as we cannot guarantee that we will have spare bottoms available in all PWC Ltd Settings and if a child cannot be dressed in dry clothes the Parent/guardian will be called back to make suitable arrangements.

Nappy Changing

    Changing facilities, where possible, should be available in the toilet area and positioned next to sink with a constant supply of hot water. (In cases where this is not possible a sterile rub will be used).

    The PWC Staff must ensure that:

     > All equipment is readily available prior to changing the nappy. 

     > Only items supplied by the Parent/guardian in the child's changing bag must be used.

     > Gloves and aprons are worn and disposed of with the soiled nappy.

     > The child is changed on a changing mat, strapped in where appropriate.

     > The child is never left unattended on the changing mat.

     > The soiled nappy is disposed of in a nappy bin only.

     > The changing unit is cleaned with a sterile detergent.

     > They wash their hands and record the nappy change on the Nappy Changing Record Sheet.   



     > Nappies must be disposed of in the appropriate bin and plastic bag(usually yellow) so they are incinerated for health & hygiene reasons.

     > When dealing with bodily fluids, gloves must be provided and worn at all times.

     > Only PWC Staff who have a valid DBS with an enhanced disclosure must escort children to th etoilet, nappy change OR help whilst a child is toilet training.

  When a Child Needs the Toilet

    This Policy is to be followed when shared toilets are being used or when toilets are not directly adjoining the Setting:

     > All Children must be escorted to the toilet at all times.

     > Organise the group in a line and lead them to the toilet door.

     > Once the toilet is clear, head count the children into the toilet and either, wait outside if they are older(5+) or escort the children into the toilet area, not the cubicle.

     > Do Not forget to remind the children to wash their hands.

     > Once the children start to exit the toilet, keep them all together until a head count is performed and lead them back to the PWC Staff.

     > If a child asks to go to the toilet outside of the normal drinks break, then don't say no. Ask the other children if anyone else needs to go. If there is a large group, then bring forward the planned toilet break and continue the programme on returning.

    If a Child Wets Themselves

    If a child wets themselves the PWC Staff must:

     > Take the child away from the situation and reassure them.

     > If spare bottoms have been provided change the child into dry clothes.

     > If the child does not have any spare clothing the Parent/guardian needs to be contacted or if the Setting has any spare clothes the child may be put into them.

     > Explain the situation to the Parent upon collection.


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