Show and Tell



Summer Term 2 (6 week term)

Monday 7th June to Friday 16th July 2021

Hornchurch - Ladybird, Butterfly and Grasshopper Settings

Forest Row - Caterpillar Setting.

Dear Parents/Carer's , can you help and encourage your child to take part each week in the 'Show & Tell', as this helps them to develop their confidence and it encourages them to talk about what they are doing.


The latest 'Show and Tell'  is available as a PDF document in the 'Downloads' folder -  HERE.


Week 1 - (7th to 11th June)   -  'People who Help us'.

Bring in anything to do with an Emergency  vehicle (Fire engine, Police Car etc) such as a toy, photo or drawing.




Week 2 - (14th to 18th June) - 'Alzheimer's Society Day - 16th June 2021'  

Please bring in a cupcake for your snack so we can celebrate the Alzheimer’s Society Day.





Week 3 - (21st to 25th June)  -    'The Police'

Please bring in a picture, photo found on the computer or book about the Police.




Week 4 - (28th June to 2nd July)  - 'Independence Day - 4th July 2021'  

Dressing up day for our Independence Day Picnic. Please wear something Red, White and Blue.




Week 5 - (5th to 9th July) - 'Sports Week'  

You can wear your sports clothes all week, so we can practice for our Sports Day.




Week 6 - (12th to 16th July) - 'No Show & Tell'.  

It's Party Week .....................


Summer Break:  Monday 19th July to Friday 3rd September 2021.

Returning on: Monday 6th September 2021.