Show and Tell



Welcome Back to all our children at our Ladybird, Butterfly, Grasshopper and Caterpillar Day-care Settings.

Dear Parents/Carer's , can you help and encourage your child to take part each week in the 'Show & Tell', as this helps them to develop their confidence and it encourages them to talk about what they are doing.

Please provide an snack labelled with your child's name. 


 'Show and Tell' for the Autumn Term 2 (2nd November to 18th December 2020).

The 'Show and Tell' list is available as a PDF in the 'Downloads' folder -  HERE.


Week 1 - (2nd November to 6th November)   - ' Firework Picture'

Designing their own 'Firework Picture' using a variety of materials and textures or a ‘Rocket’ using Junk modelling.


Week 2 - (9th November to 13th November) - 'Festival of Light Collage'  

Using different colours create a collage of colours for our ‘Festival of Light’ display.

(Date to remember - 14th November - Diwali)


Week 3 - (16th November - 20th November)  -   'Nursery Rhyme Week'.

Can you bring in a copy of your favourite ‘Nursery Rhyme’ to share with us


Week 4 - (23rd November to 27th November)  -   'St Andrew's Day'.

Please bring in anything related to Scotland i.e. Flag, Tartan, it can be a photo or your own work for our ‘St Andrew’s Day’ display.

(Date to remember St Andrew's Day - 30th November)


Week 5 - ( 30th November to 3rd December) - 'Christmas Stocking Wish List'.

Dear Santa, 'What I would like for Christmas!!!'

Using pictures cut out from Christmas books and don’t forget to tell Santa how good you have been!!         

Please send in a 2nd class stamp.


Week 6 - ( 7th December to 11th December) - 'Christmas Hat Competition'.  

Make a Christmas Hat or Crown for the Christmas Parade (£1.00 donation per child please)

Prize for the Best Hat

(Dates to remember: Thursday 10th December to Friday 18th December 2020 - Hanukkah)

Week 7 - (14th December to 18th December) - 'Christmas Jumper and Party Week'.

Wear your Christmas Jumpers all week (Non Uniform)

(Dates to remember: Thursday 10th December to Friday 18th December 2020 - Hanukkah)

Christmas Holiday:  Monday 21st December 2020 to Friday 1st January 2021.

Return on: Monday 4th January 2021.