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25th November 2021

Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

This update is available to read or download from our 'Downloads' section located in the Covid-19 Information folder folder - HERE

Mark Ansell
Director of Public Health

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to thank everyone who is continuing to do their bit to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Despite our collective efforts, I am concerned about rates of infection amongst children and young people locally. While children usually get a very mild illness, rising infection rates in children will eventually push up infection rates in older more vulnerable age groups.

To prevent this, I am asking that early years providers and schools in the borough review their risk assessments and consider the introduction of additional infection prevention and control measures that might reduce transmission. The specific measures will vary between settings based on rates of infection, but are likely to include wearing face coverings in communal areas for adults and secondary school aged children.

I hope that you will continue to support your child's early years provider or school by complying with any additional Covid-prevention measures required. I also urge you to continue to take steps to protect yourselves, your family and others, including:

    >  Getting vaccinated when eligible. Vaccination reduces the chance of catching Covid-19, and significantly reduces the risk of serious illness. However, it is still possible to get a mild disease, and pass this on to others without knowing it. Everyone aged 40 and above is eligible for a third booster dose 6 months after their second dose. Anyone who hasn't had two doses can get jabbed immediately.

    >  Wearing face coverings in crowded places, even when vaccinated. Face coverings significantly reduce the chances of passing on infection and protect the wearer.

    >  Getting tested with a PCR test if symptomatic, and using LFD tests when you have spent time in high-risk settings e.g. large indoor gatherings or before you visit vulnerable people, such as older people, people with long term conditions or immune compromised, or pregnant. Testing remains important in reducing the risk of transmission of infection, and over the Christmas break, you should continue to test regularly, especially if your child is attending schools and early years settings that remain open.

    >  Should you test positive, then isolate and follow the advice of the NHS Test and Trace.

    >  When indoors with people who you don't live with, increase air flow by opening windows. This reduces the level of virus that hangs in the air.

Further advice about Christmas and returning to school in the Spring term will be shared shortly, in the meantime, the Council's Public Health Team and colleagues in the UK Health Security Agency will continue to monitor rates of infection and will issue further advice if needed.

Kind regards

Mark Ansell
Director of Public Health





               Important Havering

        Covid-19 Parent/Carer Information


September 2021

Back to School - what you need to know?

This update is available to read or download from our 'Downloads' section located in the Covid-19 Information folder folder - HERE

Dear Parent/Carer,

Back to school – what you need to know

    Welcome to the new school year. This letter gives important advice about COVID-19 as schools open after the summer holidays.
School teachers and staff have worked hard to make sure that education can look and feel a bit more normal as term starts. Being in school remains vital for all children to make sure their education, wellbeing and wider development continues.
Most children will see far fewer COVID-19 rules to follow than in July, but COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. Schools, staff, pupils and visitors will need to continue to follow some important rules to avoid the spread of the virus:
    1. Test for COVID-19 at home twice a week. This will reduce the risk of the virus spreading in schools or at home.
    2. Wash your hands often and use tissues to “catch it, bin it, kill it” for coughs and sneezes.
    3. Follow our advice on testing and what happens if you think you or someone close to you might have COVID-19.

Schools will be maintaining appropriate cleaning regimes, and will keep fresh air flowing in rooms where people are by opening windows.
To keep COVID-19 under control, schools may still need people to follow some more advice. If this happens your school will tell you what is changing and how this affects you and your family.

What if there are a lot of cases in one school?

If there are lots of cases in one school, teachers and staff know what to do and how to help pupils and their families keep safe. Schools will do everything they can to keep education as normal as possible.
More COVID-19 testing or making face coverings a rule again could be brought back if we see lots of cases in one school. If the number of cases keeps increasing, schools may need to change the number of pupils able to come to school. This would only be for a short period of time and online learning will be available if this happens.

What if someone tests positive or has symptoms?
You should self-isolate straight away and get a PCR test (a test that is sent to the lab) on GOV.UK as soon as possible if:
    * You have a high temperature.

    * You have a new, continuous cough.
    * You have lost or reduced sense of smell or taste.

You should also self-isolate straight away if:
    * You have tested positive for COVID-19 either through a PCR or LFD test. This
means that you have the virus.

    * If you get a positive LFD test you should book a PCR test. A negative PCR test
means you do not have COVID-19, even if you have had a positive LFD test.
    * Someone you live with has COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive (unless you
do not have to self-isolate – see below if this applies to you).

    * You have been told to self-isolate after you have been close to someone who tested
positive – find out what to do if you're told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace or
the NHS COVID-19 app.

Pupils should only self-isolate if they have symptoms or test positive in a PCR or Lateral
Flow Device (LFD) test.
If your children have symptoms or have a positive LFD test, they should book a PCR test.
If they are asked to get a PCR test because they may have been close to someone else
who has tested positive, pupils may continue to come to school until they get the result of
their test.

What will happen for people who have been in contact with positive cases?

Not everybody who has been in contact with positive COVID-19 cases will need to selfisolate.
You can find more help on how to do this from NHS Test and Trace.
You do not have to self- isolate if you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, and
any of the following apply:
    *  You have had both COVID-19 vaccination jabs.
    *  You are aged under 18 years 6 months.
    * You were or are part of a COVID-19 vaccine trial.
    * You have medical reasons which mean you cannot be vaccinated.
If this is the case, NHS Test and Trace will contact you. You will be told you have been in
close contact with a positive case and asked to take a PCR test. You do not need to isolate
while you wait to take the PCR test. If you are told to take a PCR test it is very important
to do it.
This autumn term schools will look and feel much more like they did before COVID-19. But
it is still very important that we help each other to stay safe.

Thank you for your help,

  Mark Ansell
  Director of Public Health




Havering Covid-19 Parental Update 


21 July 2021


The latest Havering Local Authority Parental Covid-19 Update has been published.

This update is available to read or download from our downloads section in the Covid-19 Information folder - HERE






Havering Covid-19 Parental Update 


17th May 2021


The latest Havering Local Authority Parental Covid-19 Update has been published.

This update is available to read or download from our downloads section in the Covid-19 Information folder - HERE

It covers the latest roadmap out of lockdown.



To all Parents and carers of Breakfast and After-school Club Settings.

A new Governmental Guidance Update PDF - ' Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out of school settings during the coronavirus(Covid-19) outbreak' is available to download from the Downloads section under Covid-19 Information - HERE 




Latest Covid-19 Restrictions as of 17 May 2021






14th January 2021


This table will give you guidance on what you will need to do if your child or someone in your household recieves a positive Covid result or have been in close contact with someone that has.

This table can be downloaded from the Covid-19 Information folder within the Downloads folder -  HERE.










Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Ltd take the health and safety of all the children within our care, as well as that of the Staff and Parents, very seriously. As such we have put into place numerous extra safeguarding procedures in line with current Government legislation and local authority requirements regarding COVID-19 guidelines and these measures are reviewed regularly.

In addition to this, all our Staff have completed a COVID-19 training course and are compliant. 

Due to the unpredictable nature of the Coronavirus pandemic, the amount of advice available to parents and carers can change at very short notice.

To view the latest information regarding Covid-19 -  please check the Government Coronavirus guidance by clicking HERE. 

Local Authority COVID-19 guidance  - HAVERING - please click  - HERE.

                                                                                     REDBRIDGE - please click  - HERE.


If your child or anyone within your household develops any symptoms related to Coronavirus, information regarding getting tested can be found on the Government website -  HERE.


Information downloads may be accessed from our downloads pageHERE.


Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Ltd Settings Info:

Please be aware that for the protection of our children, Staff and other parents/carer's, the wearing of face coverings when dropping off and collecting children from any of our Settings is MANDATORYuntil further notice.


If you have any questions, please email:

or contact Bev / Andy

M: 07752 546910   - Mrs. Beverley Nicholls - Executive Director.

M: 07763 412496 - Mr. Andrew Nicholls - Business & Finance Director.


Please be compliant with Government guidelines and let's work together.

Thank you for your cooperation and please stay safe!