Free Entitlement to Early Education


You can now register for the 15 or 30 hour scheme on the Gov.UK website.

You will need to confirm you live in England and will be asked to provide your email address and your child’s date of birth.

You will then be emailed with information about the when the scheme will be available and how to apply.

You can also find out more on a new ‘Childcare Choices’ website set up the HMRC. This also gives information about the new Tax Free Childcare Scheme and includes a childcare calculator so you can compare different options.

To get 30 hours free childcare, you’ll need to do the following:

   i -            Apply online through the childcare service.

   ii -           If you’re eligible, you will receive a code, this code will enable you to arrange your childcare place.

   iii -          Take your code to your chidcare provider or local council (if it’s council provided childcare), along with your National Insurance number and child's date of birth.

   iv -          Your childcare provider or council will check the code is authentic and allocate your child a free childcare place.

Free entitlement to early education EEE Funding Entitlement is available for 15 to 30 hours of early years education per week for up to 38 weeks a year at pre-school from the “calendar block” after their 2nd/3rd birthday.

There will be three Headcount Days every year ( Autumn, Spring & Summer) All children within pre-school are counted and this is your chance to increase or decrease the number of sessions claimed for. The regulations prescribe that children become eligible for free early years provision on the dates set out below: A child born in the period.

Calendar blocks

1 April–31 August children having their 3rd birthday between these dates can claim from the Autumn funding block (After Summer Hoilday )

1 September–31 December children having their 3rd birthday between these dates can claim from the spring funding block (after the Christmas holiday)

1 January–31 March children having their 3rd birthday between these dates can claim from the Summer funding block (after the Easter holiday).

To make a claim for Early Education Funding you will be asked to complete a contract between you, as parents, and P.W.C. Childcare Ltd, as the 'Provider of Free Entitlement to Early Learning and Childcare'. This contract is signed three times a year. You will be seen by the Manager and asked to complete the form in Pre-School. Your entitlement can be split between us and one other setting, if required. It is a requirement that the Manager sees your child’s birth certificate and a utility bill showing the family address. Failure to provide these items or acceptable alternatives will result in the Manager being unable to process your claim and a bill will be generated for the hours attended. Please provide these items when registering your child so as not to delay funding. You will also be charged for any sessions attended over the 15 or 30hours free entitlement.

The payment of Early Education Funding is made directly to the setting that your child attends - it is not paid to parents.