SEND Local Offer


SEND Local Offer.


    The Children and Families Act 2014 requires the Local Authority to have a single place of information, this is known as the 'Local Offer' the purpose is to enable Parents and carer’s see clearly what services are available for children with SEND in their area and how to access them. 

The following questions and answers form our local offer and shows how we provide for children with special educational needs and disabilities. 

Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Ltd has regard for the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice 2014.

  1. How will Parklanes Wykeham Childcare know if my child needs extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?

At Parklanes Wykeham Childcare each child has a designated key person. Their role is to develop a trusting and sensitive relationship with Parents and children to enable respectful sharing of information. If you have any concerns about your child's development, you can discuss these in private with our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) for each of our individual Settings. Our named SENCo’s are listed on our website and a named Communication Champion to liaise with Parents and Speech & Language therapists.

Reports from health care professionals, such as health visitors, speech and language therapists, will identify your child's individual needs. We welcome parents and professionals sharing these reports in order to plan appropriately to meet those needs for further development.

Ongoing observational assessments are made of all children and are linked to the development matters ages and stages of development.  This in some cases identifies individual needs.

 These observations will be discussed with the SENCO.  If your child's key person has identified a possible individual need, they will discuss this with you in private and plan together to support your child's learning and development.  The two-year-old Progress Check will give you a written account of your child's development.

Our SENCO's will offer support and advice to your child's key person and other staff in the setting.  With your permission they will also liaise with the Area SENDCO to seek advice and support in identifying individual needs if necessary.


  1. How will Parklanes Wykeham Childcare support my child?

Once you have registered your child with us and before they start with us, we will give you an Entry Profile to fill in about your child this will help you to share information about your child's strengths, needs, likes and dislikes.  Early intervention is paramount to support your child’s learning and development and individual needs. This will also be a time to discuss with SENCO and Manager any concerns or requirements your child may have within their learning environment.

Children are at the heart of everything we do and together we will work with you to support your child by listening to you as well as your child. Your child`s key person will be in the sessions your child attends developing a relationship with an understanding of your child.  Our SENCO`s will always be present, together they will identify individual needs, plan next steps and when necessary access additional support from our Area SENCO.

The key person will maintain an overview of the child`s progress and the SENCO will work with all staff to ensure we are providing the relevant and appropriate support. 

Our SENCO will explain how children`s individual needs can be met by planning support using a Pupil Passport and the advice from the Area SENCO.  Observations, assessments and evaluations will all be used when writing a Pupil Passport and the key person will oversee the targets on this.   The SENCO will work in partnership with you, reviewing the targets, planning new ones, and giving you ideas to use at home to support your child.  We also have regard to Education Health Care plan (EHC) and Pupil Passport.

Parklanes Wykeham Childcare work in partnership with the Health Visitor to deliver the ASQ 27-30 Month Health checks within the setting, these health checks highlight any concerns and referrals can be made by the Health Visitor to the appropriate services.


  1. How will both Parklanes Wykeham Childcare and I know how my child is doing and how will the setting help me to support my child's learning?

 All Staff use the development matters ages and stages of development to keep track on the progress of their children and the SENCO will work with the key person to track the progress of SEN children, the progress will be shared with the parents at meetings to discuss individually agreed targets. 

We will work in Partnership with you as Parents and other professionals to meet your child's individual needs.  This is reviewed once every term.


  1. How does Parklanes Wykeham Childcare evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for my child?

We work closely with parents as they know their child the best and that is why it is important that we listen when parents’ express concerns about their child's development.

If a child is not making progress, then a meeting will take place with the parents and a planned, targeted provision will be put in place detailing specific targets.  All interventions will be monitored by the SENCO and your child's progress regularly reviewed.  Interventions include support for play, interaction, social skills, speech and language.


  1. How is the decision made about the type and how much support my child will receive?

The key person and SENCO are supported in planning strategies by the Area Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCO). At a meeting the key person and SENDCo in consultation with the parent will discuss the Individual Education Care Plan (EHC) and will agree the adjustments, Interventions and support to be put in place as well as the Impact on progress, a date for a review will also be agreed.

Resources are allocated based on the needs of the child. For example, an additional adult may be sourced to support a child who has an additional need.


  1. How will my child be included in activities outside of Parklanes Wykeham Childcare including outings?

Risk assessments are carried out before any outside activities are taken place this is for the safety of all the children and also to ensure accessibility for all.  All activities are planned around children's individual needs and abilities, which is why outings are planned in advance.  Children are prepared for the trip and parents are invited to help.  A risk assessment linked to the visit and the needs of all the children, including parent and helpers is carried out prior to the trip.  We would also ensure any aids or medication is taken on the trip.


  1. What support will there be for my child's overall well-being?

Parklanes Wykeham Childcare is a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for all children to grow in confidence whilst enjoying themselves, enabling them to fulfil their full potential.  Parklanes Wykeham Childcare are identified as ‘Disability Champions’.

Parklanes Wykeham Childcare is committed to meeting the learning and development needs of every child in their care in an environment which is safe and secure for them to play, interact and develop in.  Children learn best when they are healthy and feel safe and secure, and this is when their individual needs are met developing a positive relationship with their key person and the other adults who care for them.

Our SENDCO attend regular SEN training and network/cluster meetings throughout the year.

Our Managing Medicines guidelines enable us to administer on-going medication to your child and a Health Care plan will enable us to cater for their personal needs as and when required.

All Staff at Parklanes Wykeham Childcare have First Aid training that is updated every three years. Staff recently updated their training with EPI Pen and defibrillator training was also included.

All Staff at Parklanes Wykeham Childcare have also received Safeguarding training and our designated officers are:

Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer

Beverley Nicholls (Owner)


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Officers

Andrew Nicholls (Owner)


Teresa Patrick (Senior Settings Manager)



                                                            Hornchurch                                                   Collier Row

                                                   Sarah Price (Deputy Manager)                       Amanda Went (Manager)

                                                   Melissa Sheenan                                          Clare Davy (Deputy Manager)

                                                   Belinda Holland                                            Louise Ridington (SENCo)

                                                   Drenica Kucana                                            Dawn Farthing

                                                   Charley Kitts

Our policies are reviewed on a regular basis and are updated regularly in line with legislation changes.


  1. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by Parklanes Wykeham Childcare?

If your child has a Special education need, we would, ensure that Staff are suitably trained in order to provide the correct support. There may also be times when the SENCo will need to seek outside specialist advice.  These services could include the Area Special Education Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo), Education Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Parklanes Wykeham Childcare has a named Communication Champion, Teresa Patrick.

Staff are trained in Makaton, Elklan, Speech and Language, First Aid, Safeguarding and the 5p Approach, Wellcomm, Attention and Listening Bucket, PEC’s and Workstation.

Owner Beverley Nicholls is ELSA and Mental Health Level 3, Andrew Nicholls Mental Health 3, Senior Manager Teresa Patrick Mental Health Level 2, Manager Amanda Went is Mental Health 3 and ELSA, Melissa Sheenan is Mental Health Level 2 and Taylor Dobson SENCo and ELSA.


  1. How accessible is Parklanes Wykeham Childcare both indoors and outdoors?

 The Setting is fully accessible with wide gates at both entrances and a ramp access into the building from the front entrance, all rooms have wide doors and are on one level and includes an accessible toilet.  Disabled parking is available in the school playground and can be used with prior arrangement. There is Braille signage, in various languages, throughout the setting. Wide fire doors lead out to the outside area and are fully accessible.

Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Provide a ‘Hearing Loop’ for people with hearing impairment.


  1. How are parents involved at Parklanes Wykeham Childcare? How can I get involved?

 Parklanes Wykeham Childcare will work together with parents/carers ensuring that the children will achieve their full potential, whatever their needs maybe.  A parent rota for parents are invited to come in and help during a session, any skills that you can offer are always welcomed.  We have formed parent representatives’ will be planning fundraising events, coffee mornings and stay and play sessions, we will welcome all the help they can get.

Parents are invited to parent meetings three a year to discuss their progress and if there are any concerns.  If your child has special educational needs the SENCO will be invited to attend these meetings to discuss individual Pupil Passports.

Parklanes Wykeham Childcare operates an 'Open Door Policy' and will always be happy to talk to you about your child and any worries or concerns you may have.  You may also speak to your key person or SENCO at any time who will do their best to resolve any issues or worries you may have.

Information about our complaints procedures can be found in our complaints policy which is available in our prospectus and on our website and a poster is displayed on the parent’s notice board and on Website.


  1. How will Parklanes Wykeham Childcare prepare and support my child to transfer to their setting/school?

 When joining Parklanes Wykeham Childcare your child will be allocated a Key-person who will form a relationship of trust with you and your child, supporting you both through this transition into preschool.  This will be the time for you to discuss any concerns you may have or if there are any agencies involved in your child's development.

If your child has a Health Care Plan then we will need to arrange for staff to attend training related to your child's needs before they start and the parent and key person will agree a consistent approach to ensure continuity of care from home into the setting.  Meetings with Health Care professionals will help transition into the setting ensuring all relevant documentation is shared.

Times can be arranged for you and your child to visit before they start.

When your child is moving on to reception our SENCO will arrange a PCP (Person Centred Planning) meeting.  SENCO, key person, Parents, school SENCO, Area SENCO and all professionals involved will be invited.

This will mean your child will have a smooth transition into school with their needs being planned for (0 – 25) years.

The SENCO and key person will attend meetings, share Pupil Passport targets and reviewed set targets.

We use school uniforms in the role-play area during the last term and photo books of the school will be shared with the child and their parents.

We work closely with all schools in our local area and Foundation Stage teachers are invited to meet the children and Parklanes Wykeham Childcare staff attend open afternoons with the children in their transition into school.

Bev Nicholls (Owner) attends all the new September intake meetings and makes sure all transitions are smooth for all children in our care.