Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Ltd Uniform

Within all of our Day-care Settings, in order for your child to feel free to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy ones (for which we provide protective clothing). We feel that it’s best for your child to be dressed in clothes that are easily washable. We actively encourage children to wear our Pre-school uniform, which is available to purchase printed with our logo. This is not compulsory. However, PWC Ltd feel that a uniform can provide several benefits for your child, such as; all children are equal and are not discriminated against in any way, they gain pride in their appearance, a child gains a sense of belonging within the Setting and we feel it supports the transition between Pre-school and School regime.

It is the responsibility of all parents and carers to make sure all items of their child’s clothing have a NAME label. PWC Ltd takes no responsibility for loss of clothing. Please bring some spare uniform/clothing to the setting, in case of “accidents”. This can be kept within a clothes bag on your child’s peg.




Purple Polo Shirt                                    Purple T-Shirts                                   Navy Blue Sweatshirt 


Navy Blue Cardigan                             Navy Blue Jogging Bottoms          Navy Blue Fleece


Navy Blue Waterproof Jacket            Blue & White Dress                           Purple Clothes Bag


Purple Book Bag                                    My Learning Journey                        Communication Book