Breakfast and After School Questionnaire

This questionnaire cover our Horncurch, St Augustine's, Parkhill, Scargill and St Mary's Early Bird, Seahorse, Starfish and Jellyfish settings.

Please tick the appropriate boxes and feel free to make comments.

Your assistance with these questionnaires is important to us as a guide to how we can improve the services we provide to you.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on:

  • Main Office: 01708 706959
  • Mrs B. Nicholls: 07752 546910
  • Mr A. Nicholls: 07763 412496


Hornchurch St Augustine's Parkhill St Mary's Scargill


Agree Disagree Don't know


I am made to feel welcome when I come into the setting?


The setting provides a safe environment for my child/ren.


The setting has a happy atmosphere.


How effective do you feel the staff are when dealing with concerns or any sensitive issues?


Fees invoices and newsletters are a helpful and informative communication with parents?


Are we meeting the needs of you and your child/ren? If not, how can we improve the service we offer?


I am aware of the settings policies and procedures within the setting. Safe-guarding, Behaviour, etc


The setting provides an interesting range of activities?


The setting provides the right amount of support for homework?


Are you happy with the service we provide?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire
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