Breakfast clubs




Breakfast Clubs:   Early-bird Settings for 1 to 11-year olds.

Opening Times:  7.30am – 9.00am     Parkhill, St. Augustine’s & Scargill Schools

                                        8.00am – 9.00am     Hornchurch

1½ Hrs Monday to Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays), 39 weeks a year (Term time)


Setting Contact Tel:       Between the hours of 7-30am-9-00am & 3-00pm-6-00pm

                                          Hornchurch:             01708 706959 / 07876 263165                    

                                          Scargill:                   07868 590460

                                          St. Augustine’s:      07519 124532

                                          Parkhill:                  07519 124524


 ***PLEASE NOTE - Breakfast  STOPS at 8.15am at all Breakfast Club Settings.*** 


PWC Ltd provide five Early-bird settings within the boroughs of Havering & Redbridge. Our Breakfast Clubs are suitable for parents who work early morning shifts.

The children are eased into their day by providing them with a nutritious breakfast and a gentle smile. We understand that every child has a different temperament in the morning, so we like to make this time to be as flexible as possible to meet their individual needs.

The breakfast we provide is tailored to give variety and cover your child’s dietary requirements which may include:   Cereals (a variety of choice), toast (with or without jams), fresh orange juice, milk or water. We like to encourage the children to help make their own breakfasts, but experienced Staff are always on hand.

Our Settings include areas for your children to both play and learn (both inside and outside), with a variety of toys and modern equipment where they are encouraged to use the various activities and rotate around.

What we Can offer your child:

•  A specially tailored timetable to suit all ages.

•  Individual care and attention, made possible by a very high ratio of adults to children 1:8

•  Fun and friendship with children and other adults.

•  The support of a personal, trained adult.

•  A safe environment for your children’s needs.


Information regarding Fees can be accessed by clicking the relevent Setting:     

                                             Hornchurch Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs

                                             St Augustine's Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs 

                                             Parkhill Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs

                                             Scargill Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs


The latest Breakfast Club Newsletters can be found -  HERE.

Breakfast Club Care Rules:

In order to make sure that your children feel safe whilst they are in our care, we have some rules that your children will need to know -

•  Respect the staff & the other children.

•  Treat others how you like to be treated.

•  No kicking, punching, biting or swearing. If this occurs then the Parent/Carer will be informed and this will be followed by a suspension.

•  Respect everything within your room.