Here at Parklanes Wykeham Childcare Ltd, we advocate learning through play and encouragement through praise. Day-care is an early childhood educational class for the under statutory school aged, usually two to five year olds. The emphasis in such a young age group is naturally focused on ‘learning through play’. Increasing evidence shows that children gain a lot from their time in a day-care environment. The increased exposure to numbers, letters, shapes and interaction with other children and adults, makes them notably prepared for their forthcoming primary education. Therefore, it is essential that you, as a parent/ carer, choose a pre-school that you are confident about.

PWC Ltd currently offer you the choice of 2 day-care Settings at 2 locations within Havering, Hornchurch and Collier Row.

Our Settings are:

                                                       Hornchurch                                                                                                  Collier Row 



             Ladybird, Butterfly, Grasshopper & Honeybee Settings.                                  Caterpillar Setting.


For further information click on the relevant Settings image or use the drop down menu.

All our Settings are fun-filled, clean and spacious areas, amply equipped with toys and activities that encourage productive play. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as a guide to plan our sessions for each setting. Our varied range of activities including messy play, creative art, puzzles, cooking and outdoor play, which gives your child the best opportunities to gain independence, confidence, and social skills. Whilst at the same time enabling them to explore and have fun.

We are firm believers in using praise to motivate children, a few encouraging words can go a long way and often boosts a child’s confidence. Thereby promoting independence at meal times, in the bathroom, whilst dressing and in clearing up, encouragement through praise at every stage reinforces this confidence.

Every child is allocated a 'keyperson' within their Setting, who will ensure that they feel secure and cherished while they are apart from their parents/ carers. The keyperson will also make observations to ensure a child’s learning and development is in accordance with the EYFS and will keep you well informed of your child’s experiences. This will ensure that you do not miss out on special moments of your child's development and learning journey.